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If you are a pet parent, then you most definitely enjoy playing, walking, cuddling or getting licks from your dog. If you have more than one pet, and they all give you licks, then it shows that they accept you as a member of the pack. Although their licks are affectionate, their breath sometimes does not smell like affection.

Why? Well, dogs tend to eat things you would not find appealing. Dogs consider such things a delicacy. You could also blame your pet’s bad breath on the food you give him. For instance, if your pet eats fish, he will have a stinking breath.

Dog breath freshener is meant to help pets combat bad breath. Breath freshener can be in the form of gel, foam or spray. They are easy to administer, taste great and they give your pet clean fresh breath.

Those pets that love to give licks will not make you feel upset and cause you to turn your head away from your pet in revulsion. If you feel your pet could do with a breath freshener, we have put together a list of the best breath fresheners for your dog, their importance and the things to look out for when buying one.

Like you, your pet needs to have his teeth cleaned and there is no better product to do that than Premium Pet Dental Spray. This product is one of the best teeth cleaning alternatives on the market, contains natural ingredients and it is made in America.

Most dogs do not like to have their teeth cleaned, majorly because they do not enjoy what it feels like to have teeth cleaned. If that sounds like your pet, the dental spray will make things easier for both of you.

All you need to do is apply the product about three times on either side of his mouth and its ingredients will begin working and help your pet get rid of tartar and plaque.

As a bonus, each time you buy this product, you are making your contribution towards the Pets Helping Pets campaign that is meant to help pets suffering from cancer. With Premium Dental Spray, your dog is guaranteed pearl white teeth and fresh breath around the clock.


  • Eliminates the need to brush your pet’s teeth
  • Can be mixed with water


  • Some pets do not enjoy the taste
  • The spray might cause your dog to drink a lot of water
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If you find that your pet does not enjoy a spray breath freshener, then you may want to consider an alternative such as TropiClean Fresh Breath mint foam. It contains natural ingredients, easily freshens up his breath and helps your dog fight against dental diseases.

It has a light spearmint taste that gives your dog a pleasing fresh breath and kills those microorganisms responsible for bad breath in the pet’s mouth. This product not only freshens up your dog’s breath, but it also wards off periodontal diseases that usually lead to serious issues.

So, the more your pet uses this product the better his oral health becomes. Some pets do not like the taste to start with, but if you introduce it to him slowly, he will get to love it in the end. What he needs is a simple pump each day, and your pet’s dental health will begin to improve with the help of TropiClean Fresh Breath Mint Foam.


  • Recommended by vets
  • Effective at fighting tartar, plaque and periodontal diseases


  • Some dogs did not enjoy the taste of the product
  • Some dogs develop tummy problems once they start using this product
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It is easy to keep your pet’s teeth clean and his breath fresh by always using Zesty Paws fresh breath dental spray. It contains natural ingredients, helps to promote good dental hygiene and can improve your pet’s digestive health.

This product is made from natural ingredients to offer a safe but effective alternative, especially for pets that do not enjoy having their teeth cleaned with a brush. Its key ingredients include peppermint oil as well as spearmint. They provide your pet with fresh breath by eliminating the bacteria responsible for bad odor.

Some pet parents use Aloe Vera to fight plaque and keep their pets’ teeth white and shiny. This product also has rosemary oil, which is highly effective at promoting fresh breath and good gut health since it is one of the causes of bad breath.

There is no size, age, and breed limitations when it comes to Fresh Breath Dental spray for dogs. However, it would be easier for everyone if you started using this product while your pet is still young. That way, you will be able to keep his teeth clean, white and shiny.


  • Comes with a range of ingredients that your pets needs to for pearl white teeth and fresh breath


  • Some pet parent feel its effects do not last long enough
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As one of the best pet products on the market, Greenies dog dental chews offers your pet fresh breath and a great sensation. It freshens your dog’s breath, contains well-adjusted nutrition, it is made from natural ingredients and keeps guns and teeth clean for long.

Greenies is made out of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, so it not only give your pet’s teeth good health but his the whole of his body as well.

What gives the product an edge over most other on the market is its great texture. It comes in the shape of a toothbrush and bone, and it can clean his teeth effectively right to the gum, which helps to combat tartar and plaque.

Another great thing about Greenies is that it will not break as your pet chews it since it can bend to accommodate his bites. You can be sure that your pet’s breath will be fresh the moment he is done with his treats. So, with only a single Greenies treat each day, you are not only giving him a tasty treat, but you are also making sure that his teeth are healthy everyday.


  • Comes with a range of ingredients that your pets needs to for pearl white teeth and fresh breath


  • Some pet parent feel its effects do not last long enough
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In some cases, sprays and treats are not enough to ensure your pet is in good dental health. In this case, you need something as good Nylabone Advanced oral liquid tartar remover. It can be added to water in case your pet does not like the taste, it can optimize his health and it freshens your pet’s breath.

It is quite easy to optimize your pet’s health using Nylabone as a solution. For each 32 ounces of water, you only need to add a single tablespoon of this freshener. Take note that it can be tedious, but it is vital to add the right amount Nylabone in water as too much of this solution can overwhelm or even harm your pet.

However, once you are able to figure out the right quantity, your pet will not only enjoy fresh breath, but he will also experience less tartar and plaque buildup and he will have strong healthy teeth. Nylabone-water solution is easy to use and your dog can have it daily for a set of pearl white teeth.


  • Add to your pet’s water to have him quench his thirst and clean his teeth at the same time


  • Some pet parents complain that Nylabone cause health complications in their dogs such as upset stomach
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  • Use in addition to tooth brushing for dogs who need a little something extra

Treat should just be delicious, satisfying snacks that come in between meal, but they should also be able to benefit your pet’s overall health, which is what ARK Natural chewable is offering to do. It contains natural ingredients, is manufactured in America and encourages good dental health in your pet.

Almost all the ingredients in it are sourced in America and does not contain soy, free corn, wheat or any artificial preservative. It only contains natural ingredients such as cinnamon, alfalfa, cloves, and vanilla.

There are two layers to this treat to help your pet feel and have great breath. There is a toothpaste like exterior whose job is to fight plaque, tartar, and bacteria abrasively but safely. ARK also contains a soft inner layer that not only fights plaque and tartar but also eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

You only need to give your pet one ARK treat each day and he will start developing good dental health.


  • Ark offers a simpler alternative to brushing your dog’s teeth


  • Some pet parents complained that this product causes their pets to have stomach problems
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If you feel your pet could benefit from a very effective breath freshener, try Bone-A-Mint breath freshening bone. It is highly effective against odor-causing bacteria that tend to cause not only oral issues but also other equally serious health problems in pets.

Manufactured using natural ingredients, this breath freshener was developed to help to promote better dental health and has five very powerful breath fresheners.

It works by combining tricalcium phosphate and mechanical action to get rid of tartar and plaque buildup on your pet’s teeth. To ensure your pet’s breath remains fresh for a long time, this mint freshener uses five different fresheners and they include parsley, dill, chlorophyll, and fennel.

As a bonus, your pet also gets to enjoy the goodness that peppermint, dill, and fennel bring to his digestive system. Bone-A-Mint breath freshening bone can soothe a dog’s tummy and is known to alleviate flatulence.

So, you have no reason not to give your pet a Bone-A-Mint breath freshening bone if you wish to promote his dental health.


  • You can find it in different sizes to suit all dogs
  • Made in the USA


  • Has a strong minty taste that might not be appealing to your dog
Bone-A-Mints All Natural, Wheat-Free Breath Freshening Bone, 5.60-Ounce, Mini, 16-Pack
  • Peppermint, Parsley, Fennel, Dill And Chlorophyll Freshen Breath
  • Mechanical Action Plus Tricalcium Phosphate Removes Plaque And Tartar
  • Fennel And Dill Aid Digestion And Help Alleviate Gas

Benefits of using a dog breath freshener

One of the key benefits of dog breath freshener is that it controls poor oral hygiene as well as its root cause. Breath freshener also helps to improve the health of your pet’s gum line. Using freshener in the right away can help you protect your dog’s teeth from plaque or tartar accumulation. Other equally important benefits include:

Eliminates micro-organisms that cause bath breath

Other than eliminating bath breath, fresheners help to get rid of bacteria within your dog’s mouth leading to good oral hygiene.

Cleaner Teeth

Regular use of freshener leads to clean germ-free teeth. Properly cleaned teeth translate to fresh breath.

Healthy Gums

In most cases, tar and plaque can cause injury to the gum line, which leads to bad breath and a few other gum diseases. So, ensure you find the right freshener to help your dog maintain good oral hygiene.

What to look for in a dog breath freshener


The first thing to consider before you begin cleaning your pet’s teeth with freshener is safety. Usually, suppliers of human grade and safe dog breath freshener are the only ones who sell safe products. However, the market is also full of substandard products that skimp on quality.

They tend to have dangerous ingredients such as artificial perfumes and alcohol. Be sure to check the ingredients before you buy a dog freshener for your dog.

Ease of use

Most of the dog breath fresheners are quite simple and straightforward. You simply point the freshener into your pet’s teeth and mouth for an effective result. In most cases, dogs do not like the taste of freshener. So, be sure to find one that has the right taste and apply to your pet’s lips, and let him lick it off. Alternatively, you can buy a freshener that is mixed with water.


Start by finding out why your pet needs a freshener before you proceed to buy one. Some fresheners are also meant to fight tartar and plaque or get rid of bacteria from your dog’s mouth. If you want one that solely eliminates bad breath, it will not offer your dog any health benefits in the end.

Wrap Up

Although bad breath is common in most pets, you should not settle for anything less than long-lasting fresh breath. Many fresheners out there can help you ensure your pet has fresh breath every day. In fact, the goal of using dental sprays and fresheners is to prevent issues like tartar and plaque buildup

Fresheners are also known to promote good oral health. However, if your pet’s gums and teeth are constantly in poor health, then you can be sure that he will have problems at one point in his life.

The good thing about using dental fresheners and sprays is that they cut down your work for you. You will not have to keep brushing his teeth. If you looking for breath freshener for your pet, consider Premium Pet Dental Spray.

You can use it to clean your cat’s teeth as well and it can be added to water in case your pet does not like its tastes when you start using it.

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