About Us

Here at DoggieApproved.com, we’re dog lovers who want the best for our dogs. 

Are you a dog parent, looking for the best products, reviews, buyer’s guides for your pup? 

We help our readers find the best products for their dogs based on their dog’s breed, size, or behavior.  Our team conducts thorough research on each product and provides an overall summary of opinions on the products. We value our reader’s time and make sure we put in the time to give you the best information possible.


WE Love , Care For, Dedicated To Our Dogs

Caring For Your Dog

Caring for our dogs takes dedication and time. Some of us love to pamper our pets with toys, treats, and dog supplies, while others may pamper them with unconditional love. Here at DoggieApproved.com we aim to provide the best information to help dog owners everywhere improve their relationship with their canine friends.

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